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How To Get More YouTube Subscribers and views Tips

Get youtube subscribers without uploading single video
why upload a video and start finding a views the same time while you can find views waiting for your video to  upload
well its always a better and great idea to find a few YouTube subscribers before making a video so why not make some friends who gonna take a look at your video and share its to others so that you wouldn't have to make the biggest hard work on YouTube FINDING SUBSCRIBERS. there is new way to find subscribers at sowhatscool.com and i hop that after getting so subscribers you can get started and make great videos and share with us online.

sowhatscool.com works like this

  1. First you are going to subscribe to about 50 youtube channels
  2. You will have To agree to the terms of use right here
  3. Click on submeback button to get you channel added
  4. Enter your YouTube username or you channel link
  5. Wait for at list 2 or 3 days for your channel to be added
  6. Remember to Share cause The more people apply the more subscribers you get
  7. This is Internet don't be fool, log in with your twitter or Facebook account to leave your channel URL to the homepage chat

Did you know You Are Missing Out On Subscribers and Views
What you get and what you loose
People wants subscribers even if they don't make videos or there videos really sucks,
or maybe they have a bad accent with there language well it happens and am really sure about that because that's exactly the way i was, that's why I decided to come here and guide how you can be success with your youtube channel.

I will try to help you as much as i can even if you are not skillful, but I would like to have a lot of subscribers the same way as other, i can always help you.
Of cause its always better to make good great videos so that you love the video yourself if you are making a video and you know that its sucks why post it to YouTube, but any for being on other people with no skills of making videos because there human too which means there is the way for them to get subscribers too.
Here is a cool video tutorial on how to subscribe
The best website to earn daily subscribers!

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